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General Questions

When is trash pickup?

Trash is picked up on Mondays and Thursdays at your site. Your trash must be bagged/tied and ready for pick-up by 8am. If you miss a pick-up, there are trash receptacles throughout the resort.

Do you have WiFi?

WiFi hotspots are located strategically throughout the resort. Current locations are in the lobby, bistro, and in the satellite laundry facilities. The computer lab is open 7am-11pm and internet service is available, as well as printing services for a fee.

What is my mailing address at Palm Creek?

To ensure prompt and accurate delivery, put on all of your mail:

Your full name
1110 N Henness Rd, Site # ____
Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Does the Mail Room mail packages?

Yes, but they are limited to USPS Priority Flat Rate envelopes and boxes only with destinations inside the United States. For all other packages and international destinations, you will need to visit the UPSPS or FedEx/UPS mailing sites in Casa Grande

Registration, Customer Service & Accounts

How do I pay my annual rent?

Annual rent can be paid by cash, check drawn on a US bank, or money order. Credit cards are not accepted for annual payments.

When do I get charged for electric?
For seasonal guests, electric is due monthly, starting one month after your arrival. For example, if you arrive January 3rd, your first bill will be on February 3rd. If you are an annual, you must sign up for electric through Arizona Power Services. The current kilowatt rate is $.105 fall/winter and is $.165 during the summer.
Where do I get a laundry card and how much does it cost?

You can purchase a laundry card at the Guest Services desk for $3 and then add whatever amount you wish for your laundry needs, up to $50.

If I don't use all of the money on my laundry card, can I get a refund?

Laundry cards do not expire. We do not refund any unused amount on your card if you leave Palm Creek and do not plan to return.

Can I wash my RV and/or car on my site?

You can wash your RV on a limited basis; usually after your arrival and before your departure or you can have a local registered/insured company wash it for you. Cars and trucks should be washed in the car wash area north of the tennis courts.

What should I do if I lost my badge?
You should go to the Guest Services office and request a replacement. A replacement badge is $5.
Can your housekeeping employees clean our unit or RV?

No. There are various local businesses you can contact for cleaning services.

When and how do I get propane?

A local propane company delivers propane on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from November through April directly to your site. You can pick up a Propane Sign from the Activities Office to place on the windshield or front of your RV. In off-season months, propane is delivered Monday and Friday.


Where can my visitors park their vehicles?

If there is room, they should park on your site. If not, then along the street curb during daylight hours. For safety reasons, anyone visiting when dark, should park in the overflow parking at the North Gate or near RV storage. Overnight parking in the general parking areas or on the street is not permitted.

Can visitors have a car pass?
Visitors can use their Visitor ID badge to re-enter the resort. If your visitor is only a day visitor coming to your residence and not using the facilities, a Visitor ID badge is not needed.
How long can visitors stay in the resort?

You can have a visitor up to 14 days at no charge for using the facilities. Any time over 14 days will need approval from the General Manager and the extended visitor rate is $7 per day.

Do I need a Guest Badge for attending activities, etc.? What about playing tennis, pickleball or other sports?

Yes, you need a badge when using the facilities or attending events. Visit the Guest Services office during business hours to get a Guest Badge with photo to use the facilities. If your guest is arriving when Guest Services is closed, contact them in advance to have a non- photo guest badge made.

What are swim hours for visiting children?

10am until noon and 4pm-6pm daily.

Can I get swim diapers at Palm Creek?

Yes, in the Activities Office

Telephone Calls

Is there a telephone available on site?

Yes, there is a courtesy telephone available in the Activities office during business hours.


How many pets can I have in my unit?

Two pets are allowed in your unit unless otherwise approved by management.

Activities & Special Events

Is Palm Creek open all year and activities available all year?

The Activities Office is open October through April, however, Summer event tickets can be purchased at Guest Services. However, the clubs and activities only run through the peak season; October-April. In the off-season; May-September there are weekly special events held for residents who live in the resort all year.

When is the Craft Fair? What time? How do I become a vendor??

The Craft Fair is held the 2nd Tuesday of each month from November through March. A form is available through the Activities Office or on our website.

Do you have dances? What kind of music?

We have dances on Saturday nights starting in November until mid- April. Our bands and DJ’s play a variety of music and always take requests.

Do you have to be 21 or older to play Bingo?

Yes, Arizona State law requires that any Bingo be 21 years of age or older. Anyone playing Bingo must also wear a proper ID Badge.

Pro Shop

Do you have golf carts?

We have rental pull carts available but do not provide driving carts. Our golf course is a walking course only.

Can people who don't live in the resort (nonresidents) play golf?

Yes. Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort is a public course. If you have a guest you would like to golf with you, they can obtain a Guest Badge in the Pro Shop. The resident rate is available when your guest has a badge.


What do your serve?

We serve breakfast items, luncheon salads and sandwiches, cookies, chips, coffee, soda and have specials during the week. The Bistro is open from November to mid April. Hours are Monday thru Saturday 7:00 am-3:00 pm. We’re closed on Sundays.

Do you have vegetarian items?

Yes, we have veggie salads and gluten free items on our menu.

Sports Grill

Where is it Located?

The Sports Grill is located adjacent to the softball field in our Sports Complex. Days and hours vary based on activity in the Sports Complex.

What do you serve?

We serve breakfast burritos and pastries in the mornings, with grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, brats and barbecued sandwiches in the afternoon.


When can vendors/contractors work in the resort?

Vendor hours are 7:30am until 6:00 pm from November through April, and 6:00 am until 6:00 pm from May through October.

Where can I take my recycle items?

There are paper, cardboard and aluminum can recycling bins located at all trash locations. Plastic bins are located at the recycling area north of the tennis courts next to the car wash area.


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